Garage Doors

A roller shutter garage door is an effective, efficient and economical purchase for any household. Roller garage doors are growing in popularity far beyond market expectation; and when you take a look at the features and benefits it is easy to understand why.

A foam filled double skin insulated garage door offering smooth running robust alternative to other garage doors. Available with remote control via key fob and manual override facility. A variety of different colours are available and oak and mahogany wood grain finish to match PVC windows. Small coil diameter offers clear height and width openings. The Roller Shutter is a proven design now available for domestic use.

brown-roller-shutterThe most obvious advantage in a roller shutter garage door is the adept way it opens vertically. This enables you to drive right up to the garage opening as there is no swing out to avoid unlike the more common Up & Over garage doors; this is particularly useful for short drives.

The vertical opening and the compact design of the slats enables the door to be tightly retracted into a modest shutterbox. This allows for a maximised drive-through height (providing the headroom is available).

When fitted behind the garage opening the roller shutter is suitable for virtually any shape of building – arched, squared, curved, it doesn’t matter. The roller shutter garage door is easy to measure for; the roller shutter is, in effect, a two-dimensional garage door.